What risks do agricultural interventions entail for nutrition?

Agriculture, Gender, Nutrition
Action Contra la Faim (ACF)
S. Dury, A. Alpha, A. Bichard
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May, 2014
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This paper is based on a review of scientific papers and institutional reports as well as expert interviews. The main outcomes of this paper is to show that development agricultural projects may have negative impacts on the nutritional status. Agricultural development status impact individual nutrition through food, health and care practices. Many recent studies are focused on the positive side of the impact pathways. However, in some cases, those interventions may have negative outcomes on nutrition. The paper explore those potential negative outcomes. Six categories of risks are identified. Agricultural development projects may impact incomes, prices, types of products, women social status and workload, sanitary environment and inequalities. Those impacts can lead to an increase ofmalnutrition. This paper is another source of evidence for those, like ACF , who call for more integration between agriculture and nutrition. Investments in agriculture are key to reduce under-nutrition and should be enhanced. However, negative impacts on nutrition may happen and should be monitored in order to avoid or mitigate them.

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