Understanding Sustainable Diets: A Descriptive Analysis of the Determinants and Processes That Influence Diets and Their Impact on Health, Food Security, and Environmental Sustainability

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Food Security, Health, Agriculture, Nutrition
Jessica L. Johnston, Jessica C. Fanzo, and Bruce Cogill
Publication Dates:
July, 2014
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This study examines the determinants of sustainable diets, offers a descriptive analysis of these areas, and presents a causal model and framework from which to build. The authors divide the major determinants of sustainable diets into 5 categories: 1) agriculture, 2) health, 3) sociocultural, 4) environmental, and 5) socioeconomic. When factors or processes are changed in 1 determinant category, such changes affect other determinant categories and, in turn, the level of “sustainability” of a diet. They conclude that better measurements and indicators must be developed to assess the the tradeoffs associated with any recommendations aimed at increasing the sustainability of our food system.

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