Tackling Egypt's Rising Food Insecurity in a Time of Transition

Social Protection, Food Security
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Breisinger, C., Al-Riffai, P., Ecker, O., et al.
Middle East & North Africa
Resource Publication Date:
May, 2013
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​This policy note takes a closer look at the multiple factors that are leading to increased food security in Egypt. The analysis of the political, economic, and social situation demonstrated that a number of crises, beginning as early as 2005 and manifesting themselves most strongly in 2011 in the wake of political instability, have contributed to the fragility of the food situation in Egypt. The volatility of food prices in a country that is seeing reductions in economic growth and employment, in parallel with increases in child malnutrition, poverty, and coping strategies, have significantly increased the vulnerability of the Egyptian population. This policy notes describes the interaction of these factors and presents four different food subsidy policy options that may be politically feasible within a specific timeframe. 

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