The SAFANSI Loop: Tackling Hunger and Malnutrition in South Asia

Agriculture, Food Security, Nutrition
World Bank Group (WBG)
World Bank Group (WBG)
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February, 2012
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The South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI) was formed with the recognition that ending the South Asian Enigma will take widespread reform and innovation in policies and programs. SAFANSI was established as a multidonor trust fund by a joint undertaking of the World Bank, DfID, and AusAID, with the aim of fostering cross-cutting actions that will lead to measurable improvements in food and nutrition security. To this end, SAFANSI is enabling stakeholder platforms that can operationalize cross-sectoral action and enable more effective domestic stewardship of the food and nutrition security agenda.

Please visit the SAFANSI website and SAFANSI documents and publications.