Role of Wild, Neglected and Underutilized Foods in Reducing the Cost of a Nutritionally Adequate Diet in the Eastern Region of Baringo District Kenya

Case Studies
Food Security, Nutrition
Bioversity International, Save the Children UK, National Museums of Kenya
Bruce Cogill, Celine Termote, Amy Deptford, et al.
Publication Dates:
February, 2013
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​This report was developed by Bioversity International, Save the Children UK, and the National Museums of Kenya. It highlights the role of wild, neglected, and underutilized food species in achieving cost reduction of a nutritionally adequate diet, specifically in the eastern region of Baringo District in Kenya.

The authors identified five wild fruit and vegetable species based on their nutritient content and the population's preferences, then used them in Save the Children's Cost of Diet Tool in conjunction with other dietary staples. They estimated the lowest cost diet that meets the recommended nutrient intakes for mothers and children 6-24 months, and found a significant cost reduction--with some seasonal variation--through inclusion of these local wild foods.

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