Prioritizing Nutrition in Agriculture and Rural Development: Guiding Principles and the Momentum Behind Them

Agriculture, Food Security, Gender, Nutrition
Resource Publication Date:
December, 2012
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Text, Video

Malnutrition has multiple determinants requiring problem-solving approaches that span beyond the health sector. Agriculture and rural development, being so closely linked to food and rural farmers (who are often those most affected by undernutrition), are uniquely important for improving nutrition outcomes. Drs. Anna Herforth and Andy Jones will present a recently published HNP Discussion Series Paper, co-authored with Per Pinstrup-Andersen, that provides a set of guiding principles for incorporating nutrition goals into the design and implementation of agricultural and rural development projects, with examples of current best-evidence options for operational investments. There is significant alignment around these guiding principles among many institutions, as shown by an FAO-commissioned synthesis of guidance on agriculture programming for nutrition. The convergence of messages shows a set of consistent and widely-endorsed overarching principles, based in the best available evidence and experience, for how to plan, design, and support agriculture activities to improve nutrition. 

Photo: Dominic Chavez/World Bank