Policy Actions to Address Nutrition, Obesity and NCDs: Who is Doing What and What Effect is it Having?

Policy, Nutrition
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March, 2014
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Ever since the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs the world has been paying more attention to obesity and NCDs. The Declaration from the UN Meeting recommended population-based policy action as a means of promoting healthier diets - as did the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity seven years earlier, and the WHO Global Action Plan on NCDs 2 years later. Countries around the world have been taking action. Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Pacific, transitional countries in Europe, some African nations have been developing policies in core areas, including nutrition labelling, food in schools, fiscal measures, marketing to children and public awareness campaigns.

This presentation will present an overview of progress in policy action over the past few years set within the context of the NOURISHING Framework. It will likewise provide examples of the problem of inaction, lack of implementation, and barriers to progress. That progress has been patchy partly reflects the nature of the evidence for action — or, at least, the way it is interpreted. The presentation will thus provide an overview of the available evidence for policy. It will show that we need to better understand how food policy actions work in order to understand how to design them to be more effective. The presentation will end with some conclusions about how to design more effective policy to address obesity and NCDs, and what is needed to make that happen.

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