Pathways to Better Nutrition Case Studies

Case Studies
Policy, M&E, Nutrition
SPRING Project
SPRING Project
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November, 2014
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This USAID-funded SPRING Project resource, Pathways to Better Nutrition, focuses on the policy and budgeting effects of national nutrition action plans in Nepal and Uganda. The case studies test whether these national plans improve the prioritization of nutrition during work planning, which may in turn increase funding for nutrition. Through a disciplined approach to research methods, data collecation, and analysis, the authors identified four major themes that describe more specific barriers or catalysts to execution of national plans: Policy, Drivers of Change, Prioirtization, and Funding. The case studies make recommendations for each country, such as when to implement an M&E framework to track the impact of multisectoral strategies, and the need to bring academia and the private sector to the table for effective coordination.

Visit the SPRING project website for results of the Pathways to Better Nutrition studies from Nepal and Uganda, as well as to take advantage of the methodology and tools used in the process.