November 2012 Food Price Watch

Food Security
World Bank Group (WBG)
World Bank Group (WBG)
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November, 2012
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​November's food price watch reports that internationally traded food prices remain stable at high levels after the July price hikes marked a new all-time record. International prices of grain have behaved differently during the last three months, with sustained increases in wheat, decreases in maize, and mixed patterns for rice. The absence of panic policies has contributed to food price stabilization so far. Domestic prices of grains in most regions reflect expected seasonal patterns and increasing fuel prices. The pass-through of the July international prices hike into domestic markets is not expected to be uniform or immediate. Even when the world seems to have averted a global food price crisis, a growing sense of a “new norm” of high and volatile prices seems to be consolidating. The new norm demands an unambiguous prioritization of food security in the global policy agenda, regardless of food price fluctuations. Simply put, the world cannot afford to get used to or be complacent to high and volatile food prices. More resources, better data and sound policy choices continue to be needed to end hunger for the world’s 870 million hungry people.

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