Livestock Production, Animal Source Food Intake, and Young Child Growth: The role of gender for ensuring nutrition impacts

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Agriculture, Child Development, Gender, Nutrition
Social Science and Medicine
Minchao Jin and Lora L. Iannotti
Publication Dates:
March, 2014
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Using data from a large-scale impact evaluation conducted in Kenya, this study tested whether co-owned/female-owned livestock is associated with improved child growth, as mediated by animal source food (ASF) consumption. Data were collected from households in six provinces in Kenya, targeting 183 children ages 6–60 months. Multivariate linear regression models showed a positive association between co-owned/female-owned livestock and child weight-for-age z score (WAZ). A mediating effect by child ASF intake was evident, explaining 25% of the relationship (p < .05). A trend towards significance was demonstrated for co-owned/female-owned livestock and height-for-age z score (HAZ), and no effect was apparent for weight-for-height z score (WHZ). Our study suggests targeting females in livestock production programming may better ensure improvements in child nutrition.

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