Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in East Africa: Study Brief

Agriculture, Nutrition
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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June, 2015
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Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in East Africa (LANEA) is an IFPRI/FAO initiative carried out in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda, which investigates opportunities and challenges to scaling up nutrition through agriculture. This Brief highlights how knowledge of the linkages between agriculture and nutrition is low in all three countries, with surveys showing the need for training and education at a number of levels. Individual reports for all three countries recommend ways to better integrate the two sectors, by strengthening knowledge and evidence of the role of agriculture for nutrition, and the capacity of local agents to share and disseminate this knowledge.​
More information is available in the LANEA country reports: · ETHIOPIA country report  and summary report; · UGANDA country report  and summary report;; · KENYA country report  and summary report..

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