Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates - 2017

Nutrition, Child Development, M&E
UNICEF, World Health Organisation (WHO), World Bank Group (WBG)
UNICEF, World Health Organisation (WHO), World Bank Group (WBG)
Resource Publication Date:
September, 2015
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An inter-agency team made up of UNICEF, WHO, and World Bank Group researchers released child malnutrition estimates using data up through 2016, which include extrapolation for stunting rates through 2025. The dataset consists of 806 national survey data for children 0-5 years old from 150 countries and territories. Findings show that South East Asia is home to two out of five children stunted in the world, while Africa is the only region where the number of stunted children has risen. There has been no progress in more than 15 years on overweight, and several regions show alarming increases in that period. The joint estimates, full dataset, and an interactive dashboard are available on WHO website.

Explore data on the WHO website.