The Integration of Nutrition into Extension and Advisory Services (EAS): A Synthesis of Experiences, Lessons, and Recommendations

Agriculture, Nutrition, Policy
Global Forum on Rural Advisory Sevices, SecureNutrition
Jessica Fanzo, Quinn Marshall, Joyce Wong, Rafael I. Merchan, Mona I. Jaber, Alejandro Souza, and Neelam Verjee
Resource Publication Date:
September, 2013
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Extension agents or community workers are often mentioned as a promising platform for the delivery of nutrition knowledge and practices to communities. However, on the ground, the context and mechanisms of delivery have been less clear or under-evaluated. As nutrition becomes an increasingly important contributor to poverty reduction strategies and as countries start scaling up nutrition programs, new ways of delivering interventions, knowledge, and tools will be essential. One potential vehicle would be through rural extension and advisory services.

Kristin Davis, Jessica Fanzo and Quinn Marshall highlighted the key findings from their report summarizing the current state of knowledge on the role of nutrition in rural extension and advisory services.  The report,’ The Integration of Nutrition within Extension and Advisory Services (EAS): A synthesis of experiences, lessons and recommendations’, is based on an extensive literature review, analysis of survey responses and key informant interviews conducted with actors from worldwide development organizations, governmental agencies, educational and research institutions, and the private sector.