Increasing Homogeneity in Global Food Supplies and the Implications for Food Security

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Agriculture, Food Security
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Colin Khoury, Anne Bjorkman, Luigi Gaurino, et al.
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March, 2014
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The authors assess 50 years of trends in the richness, abundance, and composition of crop species in national food supplies worldwide. They find national per capita food supplies expanded in total quantity of food calories, protein, fat, and weight. They also find that the dominance of the most significant commodities decreased, meaning national food supplies worldwide became more similar in composition. This correlated particularly with an increased supply of a set of globally important cereal and oil crops, and a decline of other cereal, oil, and starchy root species. These changes in food supplies heighten interdependence among countries in regard to availability and access to these food sources and the genetic resources supporting their production.


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