Feeding Hanoi's Urbanisation: What Policies to Guide the Transformation of the Urban Food System?

Agriculture, Food Security
Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI)
Lauren Shields
East Asia & Pacific
Resource Publication Date:
May, 2013
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​In this analysis, author Lauren Shields examines the transformation of the Hanoi modern urban food system, and uses this model to answer the question "how do we build a modern urban food system without irreversibly losing the 'working' characteristics of the traditional system such as mutual trust between its stakeholders, from producers to consumers?" She finds that despite modernization of the food system and the advantages that process may bring, not all stakeholders along the value chain are experiencing those benefits, and the process rather gives rise to new challenges for consumers. Shields call for improved local governance to reduce stakeholders' evolving heterogeneous uncertainties. 

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