Feed the Future Learning Agenda Literature Review: Improved Nutrition and Diet Quality

Agriculture, Nutrition
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August, 2013
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The stated aim of Feed the Future is to tackle the root causes of global hunger and poverty through inclusive agriculture sector growth and improved nutritional status. This paper summarizes available evidence that relates to key questions for the Feed the Future Learning Agenda theme on nutrition and dietary quality. The review integrates evidence from clinical, community, and national studies that link agriculture interventions with nutritional status, dietary diversity, and health. Studies included in this review provide data on what is known and, by omission, the gaps in knowledge about what works and why some programs do not work. These studies include survey data and data from various experimental models, evaluation data from national and sub-national interventions, and outcomes from a variety of systematic reviews of interventions. The focus of the review is on what is happening in low and middle income countries (LMICs). The primary goal for this review is to provide decision makers with information on how to move forward with future policies and interventions. It will identify gaps that need to be filled by basic, applied, and operational research and will help in prioritizing new information that is needed from monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities. 

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