Enhancing Nutrition: A New Tool for Ex-ante Comparison of Commodity-based Vouchers and Food Transfers

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Social Protection, Food Security, Nutrition
World Development
Ryckembusch, D., Frega, R., Silva, M., et al.
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March, 2013
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​This article presents a new analytical tool for ex-ante comparison of the cost-effectiveness of two transfer modalities in pursuing specific nutritional objectives. It does so by introducing a metric to score the nutrient value of a food basket—the Nutrient Value Score (NVS)—and explains how this metric can be combined with full supply chain analysis and costing to generate a new tool, the Omega Value. The use of the Omega Value allows policy-makers who design a program with nutrition objectives to compare direct food transfers and commodity-based food vouchers in terms of both cost efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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