Developing a Sustainable Nutrition Research Agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa—Findings from the SUNRAY Project

Food Security, Nutrition
PLOS Medicine
Carl Lachat, Eunice Nago, Dominique Roberfroid, Michelle Holdsworth, et al.
Publication Dates:
March, 2014
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The article presents the findings of a collaborative effort by stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to identify priorities for nutrition research and actions to create an enabling research environment. 117 stakeholders from 40 countries in SSA defined priorities using participatory approaches. The priority areas for nutrition research were (i) community interventions to improve nutritional status, (ii) behavioral strategies to improve nutritional status, and (iii) food security interventions to improve nutrition. The priority actions for creating an enabling nutrition research environment were (i) better governance of nutrition research, (ii) alignment of nutrition research funding with priorities identified within SSA, (iii) increased capacity development for nutrition research competencies, and (iv) enhanced information sharing and communication of nutrition research findings. Authors propose a new approach for nutrition research in SSA that stimulates a demand from SSA policy makers for research in SSA and holds them accountable for incorporating research into policy and practice.


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