A Common System for Classifying Food Security: The Approach of the IPC

Food Security, M&E
World Bank Group (WBG)
World Bank Group (WBG)
Resource Publication Date:
October, 2012
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Text, Video

Since 1994, the Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) at FAO has been developing and using a tool to improve the analysis and effective response in food security emergency contexts. This tool, the Integrated Food Security and Humanitarian Phase Classification (IPC), contributes significantly to on-going global efforts to standardize core elements of humanitarian analysis and response. The IPC builds on aspects of many existing classification systems, academic literature and enormous field expertise across the world. In this video, Dr. Nicholas Haan presents the revised and newly updated IPC and its role in consolidating a common classifying food security system. Dr. Haan also discusses the work that is currently being undertaken to develop a food security classification for chronic food insecurity. The featured event is chaired by Jose Cuesta, Senior Economist at the World Bank.

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