Zinc – A Micronutrient for Improved Nutrition and Food Security

Nutrition, Agriculture, Food Security
International Zinc Association, SecureNutrition, World Bank Group
Dr. Andrew Green
Resource Publication Date:
July, 2017
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Text, Video

The Global Solutions Group on Food Quality of the World Bank Group Agriculture Global Practice, in collaboration with SecureNutrition Knowledge Platform, and the World Bank Group HNP Global Practice hosted a seminar to engage the agriculture and nutrition community in addressing the problems spawned by zinc-deficient agricultural soils. These issues include both reduced crop yield/growth and negative effects on human health.  

The presentation emphasized the role that zinc fortified fertilizers can play in simply and sustainably alleviating such concerns, and how governments, research institutions, the private sector, and markets all have roles to play in order to bring zinc interventions to scale effectively..

The lead presenter was Dr. Andrew Green, Director of the Zinc Nutrient Initiative (ZNI). The discussant was Ziauddin Hyder, Senior Nutrition Specialist, Health, Nutrition & Population Global Practice, World Bank Group, and the chair was Shobha Shetty, Practice Manager, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank Group.

Watch the recording.

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