What Makes Urban Food Policy Happen? Insights from Five Case Studies.

Food Security, Nutrition
International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES FOOD)
Corinna Hawkes and Jess Halliday
Resource Publication Date:
June, 2017
Content Format:
External Website

This report examines the development and delivery of urban food policies, focusing on enablers and barriers. The authors explore five case studies (Brazil, Kenya, The Netherlands, Canada, and the U.S.), from small towns that are taking their first steps in designing food-related policy, to big cities that are striving to maintain highly-developed, integrated policies. The report identifies a set of common enabling elements including (i) data, monitoring and learning; (ii) ‘vertical’ multi-level governance; (iii) ‘horizontal’ city-level governance; (iv) participatory policy process; (v) funding; and (vi) political commitment.

Download the report from IPES FOOD website.