Urban Diets and Nutrition: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Policy Action

Agriculture, Nutrition, Food Security
Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition (GloPAN)
Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition (GloPAN)
Resource Publication Date:
October, 2017
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The policy brief looks at the challenge of providing healthy diets in urban environments by presenting eight policy recommendations integrating actions from food, agriculture, and nutrition: (1) make high-quality diets a priority, (2) empower urban policymakers to champion better diets, (3) capitalize on the opportunities offered by urban food systems, (4) connect infrastructure, housing, transport, and water policy with food systems, (5) address the needs of different urban populations related to diet, (6) improve the informal food sector, (7) pay attention to the challenges associated with overweight and obesity, and (8) disseminate efforts to tackle urban health and nutrition challenges. 

Access the brief from GloPAN website.