Understanding District Ecosystems: Implementation of Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Policies in Sabarkantha and Bijapur Districts (India)

Agriculture, Nutrition
Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA)
Lina Sonne, Anar Bhatt, and Anjali Neelakantan
South Asia
Resource Publication Date:
July, 2017
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This paper analyzes nutrition programs in two districts in India: Sabarkantha in Gujarat and Bijapur in Karnataka. The authors describe implementation generally, integration between different state and non-state activities, and the role of the different actors in nutrition policy at the district level. The authors find that nutrition policies are generally sector-based and implemented vertically, although some degree of integration occurs at the district level. Districts differ in their approach to nutrition, with Sabarkantha having a more ambitious program through collaborations with NGOs and academia. The authors also look at gender specifically, and note that it is often used as a targeting lens, but not accounted for in terms of role and empowerment within the household.

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