Smart School Meals: Nutrition-Sensitive National Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean

Social Protection, Nutrition, Child Development
World Food Programme
World Food Programme
Latin America & Caribbean
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July, 2017
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This study highlights country practices that can serve to inform nutrition-sensitive school meals interventions. The analysis draws on decades of primary and secondary sources of information in 16 Latin America and Caribbean countries, and finds school meals interventions have advanced remarkably. The authors also find that the nutritional potential of school meals could be optimized by: 1) a stronger focus on micronutrient deficiencies, overweight and obesity; 2) special approaches for adolescent girls and preprimary schoolchildren; 3) commitment to the quality of service provision; 3) strengthened M&E systems to support the expansion; 4) integration of school meals interventions within wider national social protection systems; 5) renewed forms of community participation to enhance local ownership; and 6) more innovative partnerships. 

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