Pulses for Nutrition in India: Changing patterns from farm to fork

Agriculture, Nutrition
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Devesh Roy, P. K. Joshi, and Raj Chandra (eds)
South Asia
Resource Publication Date:
December, 2017
Content Format:
External Website

This IFPRI book explores the numerous benefits of a diet that incorporates pulses by looking at India's pulses sector in light of agricultural systems, climate change, irrigation design, and how policies have evolved over time. To understand how pulses can help fulfill the objectives of India’s food policies, experts explore the role that pulse production plays in global trade; the changing demand for pulses in India since the 1960s; the possibility of improving pulse yields with better technology to compete with cereals; and the long-term health benefits of greater reliance on pulses. In conclusion, the authors highlight three priorities to enhance the gains made in pulses in recent times through further changes in policy and other areas: (1) improving technology for the producers in increasingly marginalized areas; (2) adjusting the trade in pulses with the needs of poor consumers in mind; and (3) developing the value chain to better link consumers with producers.

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