Overcoming the Limits of Evidence on Effective Multisectoral Nutrition Policy

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Nutrition, Multisector, Policy
Food and Nutrition Bulletin
Madhu Kumar Marasini and Ssansa Mugenyi
Resource Publication Date:
December, 2016
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This two-page commentary shines a light on the challenges of evidence-based policy making around nutrition. Authors from the National Planning Commission (Nepal) and the Office of the Prime Minister (Uganda) describe the complexity of implementation, the limits of country-level data on multisectoral interventions, the challenge of timeliness and accuracy of data, and the need for stakeholder input. “As policy makers, we need timely, relevant, and accurate information about nutrition policy processes like governance and financing… We also need to know what interventions are most effective…” They ask those working in the nutrition field to focus on developing evidence that is useful for decision-making and that can facilitate monitoring of practical measures of governance and financing by national- and district-level stakeholders.

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