Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture: What Have We Learned and Where Do We Go from Here?

Nutrition, Agriculture
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Marie T. Ruel, Agnes R. Quisumbing, and Mysbah Balagamwala
Resource Publication Date:
October, 2017
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The paper reviews recent evidence on nutrition-sensitive agriculture programs, summarizing existing knowledge regarding impacts, pathways, mechanisms, and contextual factors that affect where and how agriculture may improve nutrition outcomes. The authors find that nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions improve a variety of diet and nutrition outcomes in both mothers and children, especially when they include nutrition and health behavior change communication and carefully designed interventions to empower women. A variety of contextual, cultural, economic, and food environment factors modify the impacts of agriculture on nutrition outcomes, with markets and women’s empowerment among the most important. 

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