Nurturing Connections - Adapted for Homestead Food Production and Nutrition

Agriculture, Nutrition, Gender
Helen Keller International (HKI)
Helen Keller International (HKI) Bangladesh
South Asia
Resource Publication Date:
June, 2015
Content Format:
External Website

This manual was originally developed in northwest Bangladesh to complement nutrition education, homestead food production training, and household decision-making for women. The current version is localized for southern Bangladesh after pilot-testing in new areas and adapting messages as a result. The content is heavily activity-focused, aiming to build skills through role-plays, conversation, stories, and games. In short, it is a community training manual. Major sections include "Let's Communicate", "Understanding Perceptions and Gender", "Negotiating Power", and "Acting for Change." This product was funded throught he USAID TOPS Program and authored by Kelen Heller International.

Access the manual from USAID TOPS website.