New Benchmarks for Costs and Cost-efficiency of School-based Feeding Programs in Food-insecure Areas

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Social Protection, Nutrition, Food Security
United Nations University (UNU) - Nutrition and Food Bulletin
Aulo Gelli, Andrea Cavallero, Licia Minervini, et al.
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December, 2011
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The article aims to update benchmarks for school feeding costs by building on previous World Food Programme cost analyses. The authors standardize yearly project costs per schoolchild over a set number of feeding days and the amount of energy provided by the average ration. They use output metrics (tonnage, calories, micronutrient content) to assess the cost-efficiency of the different delivery mechanisms. Average costs of school feeding appear higher than those found in earlier studies, but fall within reported cost ranges. These findings highlight the higher nontransfer costs for programs delivering cooked meals versus other modalities, in part because the analysis does not include school-level costs.

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