National Food Security Assessment through the Analysis of Food Consumption Data from Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys: The Case of Brazil’s Pesquisa de Orçamento Familiares 2008/09

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Nutrition, Food Security
Food Policy Journal
Andrea Borlizzi , Mauro Eduardo Delgrossi, and Carlo Cafiero
Latin America & Caribbean
Resource Publication Date:
October, 2017
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This report shows that failing to account for food consumed for free at school may significantly distort the assessment of the distribution of food consumption among households, and therefore the assessment of the extent of food insecurity, in Brazil. The results of the analysis, based on food consumption data from the 2008/09, enable a revision of the FAO estimate of the Prevalence of Undernourishment in Brazil, providing useful suggestions for better design of food consumption modules to be included in Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys (HCES). The report also identifies areas for further research on food consumption data to improve national food security assessments.

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