Measuring Nutrition Governance: An Analysis of Commitment, Capability, and Collaboration in Nepal

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Nutrition, Policy
Food and Nutrition Bulletin
Patrick Webb, Shibani Ghosh, Robin Shrestha, et al.
South Asia
Resource Publication Date:
December, 2016
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This article is part of a journal supplement focused on “Strengthening Policy Actions and Governance for Nutrition

Authors of this Food and Nutrition Bulletin article used 1370 structured interviews conducted over three years to assess changes in policymakers’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding nutrition policy in Nepal. Major findings show a high initial commitment for policy and an increase in capability and collaboration over time due to trainings, which were followed by requests for more information and budget. In addition to providing a blueprint for assessing nutrition governance over time—especially for multisector efforts—at multiple administrative levels, the article also traces the continuing challenge of financial constraints, division of labor, and lead responsibilities. 

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