Leveraging Social Protection Programs for Improved Nutrition: Summary of Evidence

Nutrition, Social Protection
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), SecureNutrition
Harold Alderman
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June, 2016
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The Global Forum on Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection Programs, convened by SecureNutrition and the Russian Federation, brought together 150 donors, implementers, and country leaders to identify practical ways to link the nutrition and social protection agendas. This background paper served as a springboard for discussion at the Global Forum, and represents a synthesis of evidence from nearly 120 references with a heavy focus on program evaluations.

The paper reviews the global reach, expansion, budgets, and impacts of social protection programs broadly, and then explores whether and how nutrition outcomes can be acheived through instruments such as cash transfers, food voucher programs, school feeding, and others. The paper also introduces three indicative pathways that help to conceptualize the links from social protection programs to nutrition outcomes, according to income, prices, and behaviors. The report ends with five takeaways for program designers and policymakers, and offers a way to tap into the "vast potential for such programs to contribute to improvements in health and development."

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pathways from social protection programs to nutrition outcomes

The other Global Forum products are the Compendium of Case Studies and the Forum Report.

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