The Investment Case: Supporting the Multisectoral Strategic Nutrition Plan in Senegal

Nutrition, Policy
World Bank Group (WBG)
Julie Ruel-Bergeron
Resource Publication Date:
July, 2017
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Learn more about Senegal's Multisectoral Nutrition Strategy.

The Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan (PSMNPlan Stratégique Multisectoriel de Nutrition) is the roadmap that will lead Senegal to the outcomes agreed on in the 2015 Nutrition Policy (PDF, 1 MB). Once it is reviewed and approved by the Government of Senegal, you will be able to access it here.

But if a policy is a vision, and a plan is a roadmap, then the missing piece is a vehicle to drive everyone along. That is where the Investment Case comes in.

investment case graphic

This document reflects all of the deep research collected by the Analysis and Perspectives series, and funnels it into a compelling case for getting everyone on the road together. The Government of Senegal has many tools to help fund and support its Nutrition Policy and Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan. But, it will take many other stakeholders, both national and international, to get the job done. We encourage you to read through the Investment Case (forthcoming) and see why maintaining Senegal's leadership around nutrition is a win for the country, its people, and the international community.