Integrating Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Programming within the First 1,000 Days

Nutrition, Child Development, Health
Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project
Zeina Maalouf-Manasseh, Lesley Oot, and Kavita Sethuraman
Africa, Europe & Central Asia, Global, Latin America & Caribbean, South Asia
Resource Publication Date:
January, 2016
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​This 11-page technical brief from the USAID-funded FANTA project names five key nutrition risk factors for poor early childhood development (ECD): poor maternal nutrition, iodine deficiency during pregnancy, iron deficiency, poor linear growth, and severe acute malnutrition. The brief walks through many of the biological mechanisms linking nutrition, cognition, and growth in young children, then moves into integrated nutrition-ECD program evidence from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Chile, and Jamaica. The brief serves as a useful snapshot of what's been studied and implemented so far, and suggests that combined programming may be more cost effective than single-sector approaches. ​

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