Incentivizing Nutrition: Report and Practitioner's Compendium

Nutrition, Policy, Multisector
World Bank Group (WBG)
Luc Laviolette
Resource Publication Date:
November, 2016
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These two documents explore the “why” and the “how” of investing in nutrition as seen from the World Bank Group perspective. The Report focuses on the investment case itself, whether nutrition yields benefits similar to or more than in other sectors and how these investments have evolved around the world over time. It then reviews specific mechanisms or approaches for maximizing nutrition investments at government, health facility, community, and even household level. The Compendium picks up where the report leaves off, providing operational guidance for program designers regarding approaches and tools developed by the World Bank Group. This includes a series of strengths and challenges for each financing approach, a landscape of nutrition-oriented agencies for potential partnerships, and example indicators to track outcomes.

Report (6.5 MB)
Practitioner's Compendium (6.5 MB)