The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes on Child Nutrition: a Review of Evidence Using a Programme Theory Framework

Journal Articles
Social Protection, Nutrition
Journal of Development Effectiveness
Jef L. Leroya, Marie Ruelb, and Ellen Verhofstadt
Publication Dates:
June, 2009
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This article reviews the evidence regarding the impact of conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes on child nutrition outcomes, using a program theory framework. The authors develop a program impact model and synthesize evidence regarding the pathways through which CCTs may improve child nutrition. By applying the impact model, their research finds that CCT programs may significantly improve child anthropometry but have very little impact on micronutrient status. They show CCTs to have a positive impact on several intermediate outcomes in the pathways leading to improved nutrition, but find an enormous gap in knowledge about the mechanisms. The authors state that, in order to reach their full potential, these multisectoral interventions need to have a better defined set of nutrition actions grounded in program theory.

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