Global School Feeding Sourcebook: Lessons from 14 countries

Social Protection, Nutrition, Policy
Partnership for Child Development
Lesley Drake, Alice Woolnough, Carmen Burbano, and Donald Bundy
Resource Publication Date:
June, 2016
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This book is a joint analysis of school feeding programs, published through the Partnership for Child Development at Imperial College London and bringing together editors from Imperial College, WFP, and the World Bank Group. The book describes school feeding as a sustainable and a big business, serving approximately 368 million children and operating with a global investment of around US$75 billion per year. A series of 14 case studies form the basis for the book, the lessons from which are synthesized into fives themes – (1) design and implementation; (2) policy and legal frameworks; (3) institutional arrangements; (4) funding and budgeting; and, (5) community participation. The book is a rich source of information and contains figures exploring community contributions to school feeding programs, country-by-country budgeting, and comparisons of targeting and strategic approaches, among others. 


Citation:  Drake, Lesley; Woolnough, Alice; Burbano, Carmen; Bundy, Donald. 2016. Global School Feeding Sourcebook : Lessons from 14 Countries. London: Imperial College Press. 


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