Future Harvest: Who Will Grow Tomorrow’s Food?

World Bank Group (WBG)
World Bank Group (WBG)
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October, 2017
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This event was held on October 11, 2017 as part of the WBG/IMF Annual Meetings program of seminars.

Moderated by international journalist Femi Oke, the event gave voice to young people who are bringing their commitment, business skills, and new ideas to agriculture. Four speakers shared their challenges and breakthroughs: Katrina Sasse, a wheat grower in Western Australia, explains how she is trying to help young women stay on family farms; Brian Ndyagumatalked about supplying a small café in Kampala, Uganda with fresh greens; Shelly-Ann Dinnall explained how she took over her mother’s poultry operation and invested in solar panels in Jamaica; and Pedro Diniz, a Brazilian entrepreneur, told how he applies agroecology on a large scale to restore degraded soils and produce higher yields in the state of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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Photo: A Cambodian farmer prepares his field for the next cropChor Sokunthea / World Bank