First Foods: Improving Diets in Early Childhood

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Nutrition, Child Development, Health
Maternal and Child Nutrition Journal and UNICEF
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October, 2017
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This special issue of the Maternal and Child Nutrition Journal focuses on why improving complementary foods and feeding for infants and young children matters and what it takes to improve them. The issue builds on the global meeting convened by UNICEF and the governments of India and Maharashtra in Mumbai, India, in November 2015, First Foods: A Global Meeting to Accelerate Progress on Complementary Feeding in Young Children. The meeting and this special issue provide a platform aiming to synthesize the biological and implementation science on complementary feeding, reviewing the practice and experience in improving access to nutritious complementary foods and good complementary feeding practices, and consolidating a strong evidence base to inform the development of strategies to improve complementary feeding that are fit to context.

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