Evaluation of Nutrition-sensitive Programs

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Nutrition, Social Protection, Health, WASH, Education, Agriculture
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Deanna K. Olney, Jef L. Leroy, and Marie T. Ruel
Resource Publication Date:
February, 2017
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This article provides guidance on how to design and carry out rigorous process, cost, and impact evaluations of complex nutrition-sensitive programs, attempting to demystify some of the challenges that have prevented investments such evaluations in the past. Authors refute the assumption that, although there is a consensus on the need to invest in nutrition-sensitive programs, actual evidence of what works and at what cost is limited. Building a strong body of evidence from rigorous evaluations of different nutrition-sensitive programs that bring together interventions from a variety of sectors (e.g., health, education, agriculture, social protection, women’s empowerment, water, and sanitation) is essential to provide guidance for future investments. 

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