The Effects of DFID’s Cash Transfer Programmes on Poverty and Vulnerability

Nutrition, Social Protection
Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI)
Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI)
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January, 2017
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In this review, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact explores the impact of 28 DFID’s cash transfer programs on poverty reduction over the period 2011 to 2015. These programs aimed to mitigate extreme poverty and improve nutrition, as well as to achieve a range of other specific objectives related for instance to education or women empowerment. Authors conclude that DFID’s cash transfers have succeeded in their core objective of raising income and consumption levels, but they show more variable results against secondary objective. To what concerns health and nutrition, in particular, the study suggests a mixed but mostly positive relationship, reflecting empirical evidence that cash transfers can promote both greater use of health services and more dietary diversity, although impacts on child wasting and stunting are generally weaker.

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