Designing for Behavior Change: For Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Health and Nutrition

Nutrition, Health, Climate Change
The Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Program - USAID
Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Network
Publication Dates:
July, 2013
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This field-tested, six-day curriculum responds to community development managers', program planners' and behavior change officers’ need for a practical behavioral framework that aids them in designing behavior change for community development projects. The curriculum, originally adapted from the Academy of Educational Development’s BEHAVE tool and developed into a maternal and child health curriculum by the CORE Group Social and the Behavior Change Working Group, has been tailored, updated and extensively field tested for food security field-based staff to include a wealth of case studies, stories and examples; clarification of determinants and key factors; Barrier Analysis (a rapid formative research approach); a half day of field work using formative research; guidelines for selecting appropriate behavior change activities; a glossary of key terminology as well as other resources for practitioners.

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