Cost of Diet Tool: V.2

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Save the Children
Save the Children
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July, 2016
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The Cost of Diet (CotD) software, developed by Save the Children, analyzes the amount, combination, and cost of local foods needed to provide families with a nutritious diet. The software uses linear programming to find optimal combinations of available foods that meet energy, macronutrient, and micronutrient needs. With this new release, CotD has been completely re-written into a more stable program, and is available for use free of charge. Save the Children has used the software in Bangladesh and in Myanmar, for example to assist with measuring impacts of the 2009 food price crisis and with determining cash transfer amounts in a cash-for-work program. In addition to the software, several guidance documents are available, as well as an online forum to discuss and troubleshoot. 

Download the software from the Household Economy Approach website