Cash Transfers: What Does the Evidence Say?

Social Protection, Health, Gender, Nutrition
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Francesca Bastagli, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Luke Harman et al.
Resource Publication Date:
July, 2016
Content Format:
External Website, Text

This Overseas Development Institute review retrieves, assesses, and synthesizes the evidence of the effects of cash transfers on individuals and households through a rigorous review of literature published between 2000 and 2015. 

It addresses three areas: (1) impact of cash transfers on individual- or household-level outcomes such as poverty, education, health, and nutrition; (2) links between program design and cash transfer outcomes (e.g. conditionality; targeting; complementary interventions and supply-side services); and, (3) impacts of cash transfer design and implementation on women and girls. The Authors conclude that, overall, cash transfers can have wide-ranging impacts on outcomes such as food expenditures, household purchases, access to schooling, or use of health services--which are among the most well documented. The authors also highlight a number of research gaps.  

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