Cash for Care: Making Social Protection Work for Children's Care and Well-being

Social Protection, Health
Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
Keetie Roelen
Resource Publication Date:
July, 2016
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This research report focuses on social protection and children’s care in government-implemented programs in Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa. Results suggest that cash transfer programs can support better quality care for children—a key component of good nutrition—including family reunification and continued parental care, which leads to better material and non-material well-being of children. The research also shows that poorly designed cash transfers schemes can do more harm than good and that, in order for cash transfers to improve care, they must promote meaningful links between social and child protection systems. Key actions include sensitizing communities to the importance of good care, avoiding over-burdened social workers (e.g. excessive administration), providing childcare for public works components, and ensuring transfers are of a meaningful size and are paid on time.

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