The Brazilian School Feeding Programme: an Example of an Integrated Programme in Support of Food and Nutrition Security

Journal Articles
Food Security, Social Protection, Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition
Emilie Sidaner, Daniel Balaban, and Luciene Burlandy
Latin America & Caribbean
Publication Dates:
June, 2013
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The article analyzes the advances and challenges of the school feeding programme in Brazil (PNAE) by exploring the role of policy and regulatory frameworks in constructing quality service delivery and intersectoral integration. Brazil's integrated food and nutrition security policy approach promoted intersectorality in the food system, articulating actions to guarantee access to healthy food and to strengthen family farming. The quality of school meals has progressively improved. However, national standards regarding menu composition have not yet been met. Identified challenges relate to conflict of interests and to farmers' capacity to meet supply requirements and comply with technical procedures.

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