Agronomic Biofortification of Crops to Fight Hidden Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Nutrition, Agriculture
Global Food Security
A.W. de Valença, A. Bake, I.D. Brouwer, and K.E. Giller
Resource Publication Date:
March, 2017
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This review examines the use of agronomic biofortification and its potential to fight micronutrient deficiencies in humans, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Agronomic biofortification adds key micronutrients to soil or even directly to plant leaves, and has been shown to increase yields and certain nutrient content of crops (Zinc and Selenium, but not Iron). However, there are still very few studies that focus on improvements in human health. The researchers suggest that more pilot fertilization programs are needed to establish health benefits, and that “multiple technical and socio-economic development steps” are needed to establish supply and demand for micronutrient-enriched fertilizer.

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