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Journal Articles
Impact of the Economic Crisis and Increase in Food Prices on Child Mortality: Exploring Nutritional Pathways

The article explores how deteriorating nutrition, affected by increases in food prices, ​may be linked to child mortality. Due to the economic crisis, gains in child survival over the past few decades are likely to be threatened and millennium development goals will be harder to achieve. Beyond starvation, which is one of...

Nutrient Consumption and Household Income in Rural Mexico

The authors estimate the income elasticity for a variety of macro- and micronutrients using a sample of poor rural households in Mexico. The nutrient-income elasticity is estimated using both parametric and semiparametric methods. A special focus is placed on the nonlinearity of the relationship between nutrient intake and income and on measurement error and endogeneity issues. One major...

Food security: definition and measurement

This brief article discusses the various meanings attached to the concept and suggests that it can be a useful measure of household and individual welfare, particularly if combined with estimates of household food aquisition and allocation behavior. If nutritional security is the goal of interest, estimates of access to food should be combined with estimates of access to clean water and good...

The Lancet series on Child and Maternal Undernutrition 2008

A seminal collection of papers published every five years, which analyze ​the global situation of maternal and child undernutrition.

Access The Lancet Maternal and Child Nutrition Series 2008 here

The contributions of forest foods to sustainable diets

The contributions of forest foods to sustainable diets​, by Barbara Venceti, Amy Ickowitz, Bronwen Powell, Katja Kehlenbeck, Celine Termote, Bruce Cogill, and Danny Hunter examines the...

Aflatoxins and Growth Impairment: A Review

Aflatoxins, fungal toxins produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus in a variety of food crops, are well known as potent human hepatocarcinogens. Relatively less highlighted in the literature is the association between aflatoxin and growth impairment in children. Foodborne aflatoxin exposure, especially through maize and groundnuts, is common in much of Africa and Asia--areas...

Climate variability and child height in rural Mexico

​The authors examine the impacts of weather shocks, defined as rainfall or growing degree days, a cumulative measure of temperature, more than a standard deviation from their respective long run mean, on the stature of children between 12 and 47 months of age in Mexico. The authors find that after a positive rainfall shock children are shorter regardless of their region or altitude. Negative...

Value Chains for Nutrition

The objective of this paper is to identify if, why, and how value-chain concepts could and should be applied to enhance the ability of agriculture to leverage better nutrition. The paper is written from the perspective of nutrition, with the focus on increasing the supply and demand of foods that are rich in essential micronutrients such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products,...

The New Geopolitics of Food

A look at the impact of the increases in food prices around the world, and the "21st century food wars" they are causing.

The New Geopolitics of Food

Introduction of β-Carotene–Rich Orange Sweet Potato in Rural Uganda Results in Increased Vitamin A Intakes among Children and Women and Improved Vitamin A Status among Children

Results from the HarvestPlus Reaching End Users program in Uganda, which compares two large-scale intervention programs to promote the production and consumption of orange sweet potatoes.

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