UN Network for SUN - Key documents for stakeholders

The documents in this "table of contents" were compiled in preparation for the 2017 Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Global Gathering marketplace. Each United Nations agency and institution was given the opportunity to identify publications and other relevant materials for dissemination, which taken together are highlights considered relevant for the SUN Global Gathering participants. These efforts...

US Launch of the Global Nutrition Report 2017

This event will highlight the key findings of this year’s report and celebrate the United States’ role in progress made through official foreign assistance, foundations, and civil society. Key updates on global engagement and plans for global nutrition actions from all actors will be shared.

A reception will follow.

Confirmed speakers include:
William Moore...

How can integrated landscape management assure we maintain nutrition-sensitive landscapes?

According to the FAO, the number of chronically undernourished people in the world increased by almost 40 million in 2016 after a prolonged decline. Food insecurity is heightened by situations of conflict and exacerbated by climate-related shocks, such as droughts or floods. Additionally, agrarian-based livelihoods are becoming more and more unstable due to climate change and land degradation...

SUN 2017 Global Gathering Resource Collection

Welcome to the 2017 SUN Global Gathering Knowledge Management (KM) and Technical Assistance (TA) resource page.

The collection below was prepared by nutrition KM and TA providers seen below. The resources support 2017 SUN GG attendees as well as the broader international community working on nutrition policy and programs:



Harvesting Child Nutritional Gains through the Graduation Approach

Webinar hosted by and organised by Social Protection for Employment – Community (SPEC). Presenters from the USA and Uganda discuss ...

Research for Nutrition Conference

Action Contre la Faim is hosting this conference to gather NGOs, civil society organisations, researchers, academics, and practitioners to discuss how to improve research to support nutrition work.

For more information and registration: 

Global Nutrition Summit 2017: Milan

The Italian Ministry of Health and the City of Milan will host this high-level event to take stock of commitments made to date, celebrate progress toward global goals on nutrition, and announce new commitments to accelerate the global response to malnutrition. The event is open to governments, civil society, multilateral agencies, private foundations and companies. The summit will also be the...

Emerging Financing Mechanisms: Where is the Value for Nutrition? A Specific Focus on GFF

This report assesses how the Global Financing Facility (GFF) can help fill the nutrition-financing gap. It analyses how early investments made by the GFF support nutrition efforts in countries, and finds that the degree of nutrition focus in GFF projects varies significantly. The authors recommend nutrition CSOs and the...

Mainstreaming Agrobiodiversity in Sustainable Food Systems: Scientific Foundations for an Agrobiodiversity Index

The book is the first step in the process of creating an agrobiodiversity index to help monitor conservation and use of agrobiodiversity. It summarizes evidence on the contribution of agricultural biodiversity to four interconnected dimensions: (1) diverse, healthy diets; (2) multiple benefits in sustainable farming systems, (3) seed systems delivering crop diversity for sustainable food...

Cracking the Egg’s Potential to Improve Child Growth and Development

Online or in-person - Register here

Stunting and loss of a child’s developmental potential are complex human capital problems, which arise from poverty and other environmental and biological problems. Nutritional interventions to address stunting have largely focused on fortified foods or supplements and limited...