Diagnostics to Support the Identification, Design, and Evaluation of Interventions in Value Chains to Improve Diets of Low-income Populations

Webinar: IMMANA will host a webinar to discuss value chain approaches to address malnutrition, drawing in particular from research undertaken in Malawi to examine opportunities for improved diets through leveraging demand and supply of nutritious foods, and enhancing value chain performance with a nutrition lens. Preliminary results on bottlenecks and opportunities will provide insights for policy and programs. The webinar will feature presentations from Aulo Gelli (IFPRI), Noora-Lisa Aberman (IFPRI), Jason Donovan (ICRAF), Amy Margolies (JHU), Marco Santacroce (IFPRI)

For more information and registration: http://immana.lcirah.ac.uk/events/webinar-diagnostics-support-identification-design-and-evaluation-interventions-value-chains


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United Kingdom